Monday, May 20, 2013

8 week weight loss challenge

I just turned 30 this past February. I've had 5 children in the span of 10 years. I've gained anywhere from 55-70lbs four of those five pregnancies. I got lucky with the 3rd and only gained 30lbs but that was only due to such a high stress load. So in those five pregnancies my pour body has gained roughly 280lbs! uhhh. NOTE.... NO I DO NOT WEIGHT THAT! Not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with that weight. I would not want to make anyone feel badly about themselves no matter their size.

For me I've always been thin. Never super model thin but thin none the less. So being at my current weight is depressing for me. I am 5'9" and weigh about 190lbs. Growing up I was always around 145. After both of my girls I weighed in at 150lbs and felt and looked great! After our first son was born I managed to get back down to about 160lbs and I was happy at that. The husband liked the little extra curves. lol 

Then we had baby number 4. He was my biggest weight gain. I was on bed rest from about 4 months. 70 lbs later we had a beautiful baby boy and my body hated me! I managed to some how get my weight back down to about 175lbs before we got pregnant again with our final child. And there came another 60lb weight gain. uhhh You'd think I was tired of this by now. And you are right!

Five children down and no more on the way. Our last child is going to be turning 2 at the end of July. I would love to not look like a Giant Beached Whale in her photo's. Again that is just my take on what I look like. Not anyone else in this entire world who may be the same height of size as myself. I just don't like the way I feel. I'm tired all the time. Im depressed. My body ache's every morning. I have the dredded pooch and muffin top combination. I'm done!

So today, May 20th 2013 I am challenging myself to a weight loss challenge. We do not own a scale so It will be a little hard for me to have actual weight calculations. So instead of setting a weight limit, I am going to set a size limit. Currently my jeans are a tight 14 or a juniors 15. My daughters birthday is July 25th. I am giving myself 2 whole months to loose 3 pant sizes. That means on July 20th I need to be able to fit into a size 10 or juniors 11.

This is doable.  We live in the country which gives me plenty of activities to do. Lots of room to run. Plus the fact that I have 5 children who I'm sure will be more than happy to help me get active. Now if they could give me some of their energy that would be fantastic!

So as of today May 20th current size 14. Goal for July 20th size 10. Wish me luck..... I'll need it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly meal plan May 19 - May 25

So I'm starting a weekly meal plan here on the blog. I've been doing it in our home for months now and have only now came to the conclusion that if I do it at home why not blog about it. There are SO  many meal plans online. Thank goodness. Which were all such a help to me.

As you know if you follow this blog we have 5 children. That's a family of 7! Which equals = a lot of food!  I try to make the meals as low cost as possible. Many of the meals I've found out there on the world wide web are not very appealing to my family or while they may be low cost for a family of 3 or 4 they are not so much for 7 of us. Keep in mind it's a lot easier and low cost to feed half my family than all of it!

So onto the food plan. This is my first week of posting. I did not need to go grocery shopping for any of these items because they were already in my freezer and pantry. Also while most weekly food plans have you figure out your meals before shopping I do it a little differently. I go to the grocery store, mostly Winco, and buy what's on sale or even clearance. 98%  of the meat I bring home from the store goe's directly into our freezer. So If the item is clearanced because it will be spoiling in the next few days, simply freezing the item saves it for as long as I need it saved.

Sunday:  Hamburgers
- burger, buns, cheese, corn on the cob (purchased 6 @ 3 for$1), condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonase, and onion for the husband.
Monday: Chicken Fettucine
- 1/2 bag frozen chicken breasts, fettucine  sauce, fettucine noodles, frozen garlic bread.
Tuesday: Nacho's
-frozen left over taco meat, 1/2 bag tortilla chips, 1 cup shredded pepper jack cheese, 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (note: always buy block cheese and shred yourself. it saves so much money),  1 cup sour cream, 1/4 onion chopped,  sour cream as needed.
Wednesday: Roasted chicken
whole chicken, 1/2 bag small red potato's, small bag baby carrots, one onion, 12 pre-frozen dinner rolls. (freeze left over chicken meat for use in fridays meal)
Thursday: Homemade cheese pizza
-2 homemade pizza crusts, 2 packages mozerella cheese, one jar pizza sauce
Friday: Chicken pot pie
- left over chicken, frozen mix veggies, 6 red potato's diced, 2 cans cream of chicken, 2 cans cream of celery, 2 cups milk, biscuit mix (mix it runnier than directions call for to make dumplings for top of pie).
Saturday: Large Pork Roast
- Pork roast, seasoning as you choose ( i use a prime rib rub...mmm) Large carton chicken broth, 12 pre-frozen dinner rolls, whole bag small red potato's  (put in bowl and microwave for 10 minutes, then put on baking sheet and smash, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper, add shredded cheese if you like). (freeze left over pork in two seperate containers to use in two different future planned meals).

So that's this weeks meal plan. Hope it's help for some of you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I love questions!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

wordless wednesday

hmmm wordless wednesday huh? so that means i cant type even a single word? well that wont work! but i can still post a couple silly pics just for fun! have a great wednesday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sweet rolls galore!

This is a recipe for our much loved sweet rolls.

 When I say much loved i honestly mean that. These are made roughly once a week. If not more.  You can make them into any kind of roll you want but unfortunetly I havn't perfected how to really make it work as a loaf of bread. The inside never gets done unless the outside has turned into an actual rock! So for now just stick with the rolls.

 Braided sweet rolls. They pull apart light flaky crescent rolls. mmm

You can make these. They are palm rolled so their a little larger than normal.
Or these are thinly rolled out on the table and then stamped out with a glass. Any size will do.
Or there's these pull apart pan rolls. mmmmm
Roll them out and put cinnamon and sugar and raisins and make cinnamon raisin rolls. These were gone instantly!
There is even the always favorite... Fried cinnamon sugar bread!  oh to die for!!

The same recipe makes all these different breads! It's amazingly good!

The items you will need:

4 tsp active dry yeast
1/2 cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
2 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
3 Tbsp melted butter
7-8 cups flour
2 eggs
2 tsp salt

Mix yeast, warm water, and tsp sugar. let sit. Warm milk on stove until it reaches 120*. Add milk, yeast mixture, 1/2 c sugar and 2 cups flour. Mix well. Let sit 8-10 minutes until light and foamy. Add in butter and eggs and mix well. Add in enough flour until it forms a soft dough. Lightly flour a flat surface and kneed dough until soft and not sticky. Adding flour as necessary. You should NOT need to go over 8 cups. Lightly oil large bowl and place dough inside. cover with cloth and allow to double in size 1-1 1/2 hours.

*For braided rolls grab a small palm size piece and pinch it to form a long line then roll out till it looks like a fat piece of spagetti. make three per roll. place all three together and pinch at the top. Braid them together until you reach the bottom and pinch together. Let rise another 30 minutes. and bake at 350* for 10-15 minutes.

*For palm rolled rolls simply grab a palm size piece of dough and roll into a ball. Place on baking sheet about 2 inches apart. Let rise another 30 minutes. Bake at 350* for 10-15 minutes

*For thin stamped rolls roll dough out 1/2" thick and find a small glass and simply stamp. Place on large baking sheet 2 inches apart. let rise another 30 minutes. Bake at 350* for 10-15 minutes.

*The pull apart rolls are the same as the palm rolls. Instead of putting on a baking sheet put them in a pie or cake pan. bake at 350* for aprox. 15 minutes.

*The cinnamon rolls are fun. Take the dough and roll it out roughly 1/3" thick on a lightly floured surface. Take room temperature butter and evenly spread across the whole dough circle. lightly sprinkle both cinnamon and sugar and evenly spread out raisins. Then simply roll the dough into a long log shape. cut them into 1" slices. and place in a well greased cake pan. bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.

*And finally for the fried bread. mmmm im hungry just typing about it. So again a palm sized piece of dough. Roll out so it becomes very thin. The heat from the pan makes the dough puff up quickly so it needs to be as thin as possible. turn your stove on medium high. lightly oil pan. When the pan is heated  place dough circle inside. Paying close attention to not burn the bread. flip and fry evenly on the other side. remove and cover in butter. Then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Enjoy! Its amazing!


Monday, April 8, 2013

my ceiling

Well the house is coming along. The ceiling is finally in. its beautiful! Amazingly beautiful! Really it couldnt be prettier! So i thought I would share a couple snap shots of just how beautiful it really is!

First we had to go and purchase a pallet of redwood slats. a very well spent $300!
Then they started putting it up... even with a few up it was already amazing! and beautiful!
So i felt the need to take a close up!
Oh so pretty! but then they finally got around to finishing it! mmmm it's almost as pretty as a beautiful dinner when you've slaved over it and it turns out perfectly!

So beautiful! now only if the rest of the house would be done. Do you ever wish you could be a genie and just snap your fingers. I kinda do. But all things good come to those who wait. So.... IM WAITING.

5th birthday fun

well our sweet boy turned five this weekend. oh how time flies! honestly can not believe five years has already gone by. they've been a good five years. an amazing five years. best part about this boy is that he loves spending time with family.

I mean seriously can you get any cuter than this?!  note his yummy oreo crumble cake! man that thing tasted so good!

daddy bought him some balloons
complete with dinosaur!
we sat outside and bbq''d hotdogs, ate macaroni salad, and fruit salad per gavins request! and later came in to eat oreo cake and cherry ice cream.

and when all was done and this poor guy was exhausted he still musted up enough strength to give a mildly happy face taking a picture with his mamma!

Bacon Cheeseburger Scramble

First off, oh my gosh was this yummy! And amazingly cheap! The whole dinner ended up costing me less than .90 per plate! That is a seriously amazing deal when you have to feed as many people as I do! We realized one of our biggest problems was throwing away left overs. So now I'm trying to "repurpose" our food!

The night before I made this meal we had hamburgers for dinner. We had 3 burgers left which I bagged and saved for the next night. I had this night open for dinner. Meaning I had nothing planned. Which is also something we've changed. STRICT 4 MEALS PLANNED OUT DAILY! I'll post about this later!

So onto the delicious, very inexpensive dinner! Which includes a side salad in the amazing .89 price tag!


3 hamburger patty's ( we used left over's)
5 large russet potato's
1 cup cheese
1/2 package of bacon

salad mix
what ever dressing your family likes

In skillet fry up half the package of bacon aprox. 6-8 pieces.

When finished frying place on paper towel to soak up extra grease and chop up into small pieces. set aside.

next take your left over hamburger patty's and chop them up into small pieces

next chop up some potato's that you've microwaved for about 6-8 minutes to help soften up, and toss into the pan.

combine all ingredients and fry for about 5 minutes

top with grated cheese

add a side salad and walla! very yummy and very inexpensive! great large family meal!!